Percussion Clinic



October 16, 2019 – Event Schedule

  • 6:00pm Welcome / Introductions
  • 6:10pm Group 1 Perform / 6:25pm Clinic
  • 6:25pm Group 2 Perform / 6:40pm Clinic
  • 6:40pm Group 3 Perform / 6:55pm Clinic
  • 6:55pm Group 4 Perform / 7:10pm Clinic
  • 7:10pm Group 5 Perform / 7:25pm Clinic
  • 7:25pm Group 6 Perform / 7:40pm Clinic
  • 7:40pm Group 7 Perform / 7:55pm Clinic
  • 7:55pm Group 8 Perform / 8:10pm Clinic
  • 8:10pm South Lake HS Perform
  • 8:35pm Mass Drumline Event

We can supply most front ensemble equipment for your group to borrow if you would rather not bring all of your own gear. Each group needs to bring their own battery equipment, including carriers and/or stands. Please bring all of your own sticks and mallets as well. Also, please have your students wear their band t-shirts for the performance.

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