Purpose of the Organization

The purpose of the Band Boosters shall be to assist the band in developing and maintaining a quality music program at South Lake High School and in the surrounding community, to provide support, supplies, and funds for the activities, equipment, designated music, uniforms, transportation, instruments, and promotional expenses of the South Lake High School Band, and to create a better liaison between school officials, band officials, band members, parents and supporters of the band. The purposes for which the Band Boosters is organized are exclusively charitable and educational within the meaning of Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue law.

Standing Committee Descriptions

CONCESSIONS COMMITTEE: The Concessions Committee shall be responsible for conducting all business that relates to the purchase, preparation, inventory, and sale of concessions items for various sporting events, school-sponsored activities, and community events on and off campus.

UNIFORM COMMITTEE: The Uniform Committee shall be responsible for assigning and fitting uniforms to members of the bands and oversee that they are properly maintained throughout the year. They also order uniform shoes, gloves, t-shirts, bags, and all supplies related to the uniforms, student apparel, parent apparel, and staff apparel.

LOGISTICS COMMITTEE: The Logistics Committee shall be responsible for transporting the band's equipment to and from our various events, utilizing their own trucks to haul our trailers, or driving rented vehicles to haul equipment.

SCREAMING EAGLE 5K COMMITTEE: The Screaming Eagle 5K Committee shall be responsible for organizing and operating our annual 5K fundraising event, including: registration, corporate sponsors, official timing, merchandise, awards, advertising, food, entertainment, facilities, security, race route, race marshals, and follow up.